iGame Inaugural Conference - September 28th 2013 at MIT

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Educators have an amazing opportunity to meet the leading educational game companies in the industry and see how these games can help make learning math, science and even areas such as empathy more effective and fun for their students. They also get to meet the leading academics in the field who're pushing the boundaries of how educational games can make the classroom a richer learning environment. Finally they'll have a chance to network with other educators and learn what's worked best in their schools.

If you're looking at investing in educational gaming startups, this conference provides you an opportunity to meet some of the most innovative startups in the industry and see them pitch their plan at Entrepreneurial Idol. You will also get to try out some of the leading academic educational games in the iGAME Lab and talk to the creators behind them about potentially commercializing their investment. Finally, for your portfolio companies, this conference provides an opportunity to pitch in front of the top educators in the field who could be potential customers.

If you're an educational gaming startup, this conference provides you 2 unique opportunities: You can participate in Entrepreneurial Idol, a pitch contest in front of some of the top VCs and foundations (including the head of educational innovation at the Gates Foundation) and the winner gets private meetings with these investors + a prize. You can also demo your game at the iGame Lab where we will showcase some of the top educational games in the industry and our attendees have a chance to play them.